'You're the only person who truly loved us mom' Poem For Teens

You always guided us and took us to the ground..
To sing and to show our talents to the people around..
You're the only person who truly loved us mom,
We felt that every time when everyone pushes us down..

You said not to wear black, but we loved it those days
Time has changed, Colours did too.. 
You were right, it doesn't bring light 
Now we both hate black like 'eww'

Mother's are right..  found after late 20's
Maybe we were too small to understand the lines
Time flies and world is a lie
Mom is the only one that we can reach every time..

We can't compare our mom to anyone else in this world..She is wonderful! - by nurseryrhymesgirl and her sis and bro to her dearest mom! <3

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