An Invitation to Join Pinterest Communities to Promote Nursery Rhymes

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I know that you guys really need to promote your kids nursery rhyme channels or your websites and looking for ways to get more traffic.

Pinterest is a great place to promote your content. 

Why Should I Promote My Content On Pinterest

We all know that Pinterest has always taken a position of the platform being a search engine first and foremost but I must say this new social feature is rather exciting because for most Youtube channels and websites, Pinterest deliver so much of traffic! So who would say no for them?

Yes! Pinterest can give you tons of views for your nursery rhymes video or your kids website.

You can add a pin to your Pinterest profile, and then you can add the link that you wanna promote.It could be your toddlers nursery rhyme song or any valuable link. Please don't spam the communities, then they might ban you in future. For more traffic, you should join Pinterest communities.

How to Join a Pinterest Community?

Firstly, you should create an account on Pinterest.

Then you can start making a community.But,

If you want to join a community on Pinterest,you’ll have to be invited to a community (any community) and join it to get access to the “Community” feature or tab in your Pinterest Account. Then you’ll be able to create your own community or search for other communities.

I know your question now :)

Where can I find an invitation link to join Pinterest?


You're lucky :) You can join my community here :

(if you click on it and it doesn’t take you to the community page, try accessing it through the Pinterest App on mobile). Once you’ve joined you can start creating your own community!

Then the community tab will appear on your account.

New Pinterest Update :

“After testing communities and getting a lot of feedback from Pinners, we’ve decided to take the best parts of the feature and fold them into group boards. While the communities tab will be going away by the end of this week, communities will live on as group boards. You can share Pins with community members there. All your posts and conversations from communities will be transferred to your new group boards, too.

If you created any communities, you’ll now “own” the group board. This means you can control the board’s settings to make it public or private, and to allow more people to join. If you’ve never owned or been a part of a group board before, don't worry: They work just like your other Pinterest boards, with the added bonus of commenting and seeing the board's most recent ideas in an activity feed.

The communities feature was designed to bring people together around shared interests, and provide a space to collaborate. It was so inspiring to see the mind-melding that happened there, and we’re excited to see that continue in group boards. Please email communities@pinterest.‌com with any questions or feedback about your experience.”

– The Communities Team

Hope you enjoyed the post :) Write down your pinterest community name or leave the link in comments. So others can join it too.

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Check what this girl says about her business growth strategy with Pinterest : 

Have a wonderful pinning :)
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