Hello rhymees,
I hope you are doing well. :) 

There are so many nursery rhyme channels on YouTube, but no idea where to find a person to compose nursery rhymes just for you?

What are the best songs to put on YouTube?
Are they recreations or the originals? 

If you really wanna make recreations, you should go with public domain nursery rhymes. Otherwise, you will get into trouble. Please don't copy other people's original songs, it can be dangerous for your channel. 

If you have any problems regarding nursery rhymes, I'm here to reply to you.
You can always contact me by writing to nurseryrhymesgirl@gmail.com

I also work via Paypal and Payoneer. But I thought to share my Upwork profile as well. So you can perches first from Upwork, if you have any doubts to buy with Paypal if you're a new buyer.Upwork holds the payments and release only after freelancers deliver their work to the client. 

If you don't have an Upwork profile yet, please use this invite link to join, It doesn't cost you extra, they just do not charge from me for each order of yours, if you will sign up with this link. →→ https://www.upwork.com/signup/create-account/client_contact_freelancer?ciphertext=~0169c56855f2ea98ec&BYOC  

If you would like to see my complete profile on Upwork, please use this link : Nursery rhymes girl on Upwork 

You can check all my reviews there and get an idea about my work. 

You can also see my recent samples using this link : Nursery rhymes samples 2019

You can check the pricing here before ordering songs: How much does it cost to compose nursery rhymes?

These are some of the TRUE REVIEWS which I received days before. Just adding for you to check them out. 

What are the ways that you use to make money online? 

Tell me why you thought that you wanna start a nursery rhymes channel on Youtube? :) 

I can hear you :) Drop me your ideas in the comment section.

Have a wonderful day everyone :)