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Firstly, this track is not mine. All credits go to the rightful owners of it. I truly respect you guys. This is just one of my little experiments. New vocals, lyrics & melody by C M Anjalee Panawala. KINDLY DM ME FOR CONTENT REMOVAL! Thanks a lot! This Is Not Fifty Shades - Ranji & WHITENO1SE Ft Nina Nesbitt - The Moments I'm Missing - New Experiment Version - Anjalee

Original Song :

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Lyrics :
Lemme go /// Babe Lemme go /// Babe This is not a movie This is not ‘Fifty Shades’ I’m a black girl, and I love my shades Spending my day, little bit with craze I even make myself amaze // Lemme go /// Baby You weren’t just my love.. You were my whole damn world.. But now.. Please let me go.. Breathing... I’m still breathing.../// I’m still..