How to overcome laziness and start taking action. (28 Ideas)


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How to overcome laziness and start taking action.

1.  Don't expect yourself to be perfect.

2.  Figure out the real issue.

3.  Eat high-protein food.

4.  Focus on the actual problem.

5.  Get organized.

6.  Avoid sugary and high-fat food.

7.  Use positive instead of negative self-talk.

8.  Exercise. 

9.  Sleep and rest.

10. Practice mindfulness. 

11. Carry water with you.

12. Create a plan of action.

13. Use your strengths.

14. Quit smoking.

15. Jump out of bed.

16. Recognize your accomplishments along the way.

17. Set some achievable goals. 

18. Avoid distraction.

19. Make a checklist of the desires, goals, and motivations you want to move towards.

20. Make tedious tasks fun.

21. Reward yourself.

22. Regularly revisit the importance and value of the problem or goal.

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23. Tell yourself you can do things.

24. Iron your clothes.

25. Ask for help when you need it.

26. Write down your goals.

27. Realize that life is about trading costs and benefits.

28. Don't give up.

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