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Adsense Revenue
A Google advertising platform called AdSense places ads on millions of websites. The website owner is paid by AdSense using two basic methods. Ads impression and click rate are two examples. This payment method and procedure vary from website to website. 

For every 1000 ad impressions, it can cost $1 to someone, more than $1 to others, or less than $1 to others. The amount paid for an ad click depends on the ad's bid rate and the source location. 

The primary issue right now is that some websites have AdSense clearance but are unable to generate a sizable income from them. So, in this section, we'll talk about ways to boost our AdSense income.

There are primarily two sorts of ads in AdSense: High CPC ads and Low CPC ads. When compared to low CPC ads, high CPC ads pay more for the same amount of impressions and clicks. 

Here is a list of websites that offer both high and low cost-per-click ads.

How To Increase AdSense Revenue ?

Follow these procedures to grow your AdSense income four times or to optimize your ads to increase revenue:

1. Save the list of low CPC ads.
2. Open the downloaded file.
3. Any names of websites or specific websites from which you don't want advertisements on your website may be copied.
4. Log in to your Google AdSense account.
5. Select "Blocking Controls" from the menu.
6. Select "All Sites" under Content.
7. Select "Manage Advertiser URLs" from the list of advertiser URLs.
8. Enter the copied site URLs into the window's search box after pasting them there.
9. Now Block every website that comes up after a search.
10. As a result, you have now prevented websites from displaying Low CPC adverts on your website. The user will now only view high CPC advertisements.
11. Hence your earning will be boosted by almost 4 times.

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