Monkey Song | Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

The monkey nursery rhyme song lyrics

(Verse 1) Once upon a time in a jungle so grand, There lived playful monkeys, a merry band. From black to white, so many types you'll see, With silly faces and cute antics that fill us with glee. (Chorus) Monkey, monkey, swinging through the trees, In their monkey world, a life of playful ease. Funny and small, they're a joy to behold, From tree to tree, their adventures unfold. (Verse 2) A black monkey with fur so sleek and bright, Dances in the moonlight, a magical sight. A white monkey with grace, shining so pure, They jump and they frolic, making memories for sure. (Verse 3) A monkey's face, oh so full of cheer, Their mischievous grins are nothing to fear. Cute and cuddly, they're friends you'll adore, Like a pet monkey, they'll leave you wanting more. (Bridge) From the smallest of monkeys to the tall ones up high, In their monkey world, they reach for the sky. They swing on branches, agile and free, Wild monkeys exploring, a spirited spree. (Chorus) Monkey, monkey, climbing high on a tree, With laughter and joy, they fill us with glee. In the zoo or in the wild, their charm on display, Monkey adventures brighten up our day. (Verse 4) In the monkey zoo, a magical place, We learn about monkeys and their incredible grace. But let's remember, they're wild at heart, In the jungle's embrace, they play their part. (Chorus) Monkey, monkey, playful as can be, In their monkey world, we're filled with glee. From tree to tree, their laughter rings, Oh, the joy that a monkey brings! (Outro) So let's celebrate these creatures so grand, With love and respect, let's lend them a hand. In their monkey world, where dreams come true, Monkeys bring smiles and laughter to me and you!

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