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Are you looking for a producer to make kids songs for your channel on Youtube? Here you go! You can check all my samples here and write to me.

All Samples -
Trance Samples :

Please Write Us Before Ordering! It's important for a quality Product.Thanks.

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Unknown said…
Sanple singing nursery rhymes (only English)

One to ten nursery rhymes (only English)
Hi there :) What do you mean :)
If you're looking for nursery rhymes, please contact me here :
Thanks :)
Interesting. If I need any, I'll definitely be back!
Junell said…
Very cool. I'll keep this in mind if I need it one day
Luna Moon said…
What a great list of songs!
Sarah M said…
This seems a great opportunity to make money online. Love the samples that you have provided. Good job!
Thank you very much :)
Thank you Junell :)
Thank you Burning moon :)
Thank you Sarah :) :)
Marjie Mare said…
Those are all great and bring back memories when my kids where babies. Now they are all grown.
bancell82 said…
This is cool, thank you!
aisasami said…
Thanks for the tips. I might have to really start making music for my school!
i remember my childhood as well. Thank you
Wow what a great service you provide! Super cool idea!
Ashley said…
I love this idea! I’ll have to look into your products for my little one! Thanks!
Such a nice and fun list of rhymes!
These are very lovely, and great baby shower gifts! Keep on creating many nursery rhymes :D
:) Thank you Marjie :)
You are welcome.Thank you for checking out my samples BANCELL82 :)
Thank you :) :) <3
Thank you ASHLEY :)
Thank you :)
:) That's wonderful. :) Thank you for checking out my page :)
Kendall said…
Super cool idea! Would have never thought of it.
Thank you very much Kendall :)
Anonymous said…
Kudos on your effort to get your rhymes out there. Wishing you all the best
Elizabeth O
Unknown said…
i am looking for "this is the way we brush our teeth" song. do you have it? Ty
Thank you so much Elizabeth :)
Hi there, greetings.
I'm able to make any rhyme for you. I'm sorry I don't have songs that I already made.I can only make them after a client request. Please send me an email to for more information. Thanks :)
Jasmine M. said…
Great collection. I used to work in a day care, and I was always looking for different nursery rhymes to mix things up for the kids.
Haroon Ejaz said…
It always feels great to listen to your songs!
Great list. I will recommend this to my friends who are teaching kinder.
Robert said…
a great list of songs. What a great talent you have.
Joanna said…
Very nice samples. I am sure they will help people who create videos for children on Youtube.
Polly said…
These are good samples! I would recommend these to my friends. You're talented. <3
Janay said…
This is such a creative clever idea! I love all of the samples!
Chava said…
Wow, you are so talented! I wish I had even an ounce of musical talent.
SincerelyMissJ said…
Had no idea you could purchase nursery rhymes. Very interesting.
Lorita said…
Always love your collections. They are super fun
Van Cast said…
Great list of songs :-) And awesome way to monetize your website!
Hi Jasmine, :)
Thank you so much for getting in.
Thank you very much Haroon :)
Thank you very much Neil :)
Thank you very much Robert :)
Thank you very much Joanna :)
Thank you very much Polly :) <3 <3
Thank you very much Janay :)
You should try Chava :) Thank you very much :)
Hi there, :)
Yes you can buy nursery rhymes to monetize on Youtube :) Thank you very much .
Thank you very much Lorita :) :)
Yes it is Van :) Thank you very much :)
Sarah M said…
This service is awesome for monetising. I love the songs :)
Nice list. Kids will love it. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I’ll have to keep this in mind to use later on once I get back into making videos
Priyanka said…
Great List! I love this song. Thanks
JM De Guzman said…
Great selections. My children will really love these! Thanks
Julia Day said…
Loved these! Great for kids and bed time!
Great ideas and great lists! I will send to my mom friends!
Dominique B. said…
This is a very cool service. If I ever need anything like this, I will let you know!
Steph Social said…
Great nursery rhyme selection! My daughter is 4 and still loves nursery rhymes:)
Maysz said…
So interesting! All moms would love this!
Thank you so much Sarah :)
Thank you so much Cavan :)
Thank you so much GoldfishandGin :)
Thank you so much Priyanka :)
Thank you so much JM DE GUZMAN :)
Thank you so much Julia :)
Thank you so much You, Me and Benny
Thank you so much Dominique B
Ah this is interesting information. I have a YouTube channel I just started promoting. I will be in touch if I need any nursery rhymes.
Shoppers Gossip said…
If I need any, I'll definitely contact you for Nursery rhyme!
Thank you :)