Where To Buy Nursery Rhymes In 2021?

What are nursery rhymes?
a simple traditional song or poem for children is called a nursery rhyme.

These days most of the people earn money from You tube by creating kids videos.Why just them? You can try it too.But the rhymes have to be unique and kids have to love the videos if you want to make a lots of money from You tube.

I'm also a nursery rhymes vocalist/lyricist and a creator who had supported many clients to make their channels wonderful.If you have any idea to make a kids songs channel in future, or if you already have a channel, I love to support you.

You can check my samples HERE ON YOU TUBE.

Check Pricing For Original Songs and Nursery Rhymes HERE

Contact Details -  nurseryrhymesgirl@gmail.com

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  10. Good to know. I have a friend who has a toodler, she might find this useful.

  11. Two of my best friends just given birth and that means Aunt Blair is responsible to buy nursery rhymes for them. These are perfect ideas!

  12. Nursery rhymes videos on youtube are helpful for kids to learn everyday.

  13. Great tips! I’ll make sure I come back when I have kids

  14. What an awesome talent...my girls are in love with these channels and enjoy it very much

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  16. Elizabeth O7/23/2019

    I love the free samples. I'm sure little kids will love them. This is really cool..

  17. where can i get some copies from , i will like to buy some for my son

    1. Please write to this email : nurseryrhymesgirl@gmail.com Thanks.


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