Sharing Your Nursery Rhymes YouTube Revenue With Someone Else?

Hello Rhymees :)

Hope you're doing well :) Are you a YouTuber who's sharing your revenue with someone else?

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From when you started to think that it's really a good thing to do? 
I say 'NO' for revenue sharing.


Because It's all about your hard work.

    I know how much you guys working hard to build your channels on YouTube.There are some people who are working without any sleep. 

sharing nursery rhyme channel details

Why? Because everyone thinks YouTube is really a wonderful place to earn money if the channel gets successful. It's true.

Are you promoting your nursery rhymes channel using ads? Maybe that money is all what you've got in your pocket.

Youtube , blogging and everything, definitely comes up with luck. So you buy a nursery rhyme song from somewhere or they give it for free.. Then they expect to share your revenue with them. 

What's the point??

Yes, as a nursery rhyme producer, I know the thing.. it takes time to make rhymes, and you also have to have some knowledge of music, because everyone can't do this.

But, old nursery rhymes are definitely not anyone's property.Also, anyone can recreate PUBLIC DOMAIN NURSERY RHYMES.

I don't think that you have to share your nursery rhyme channel's revenue which you've generated with all your hard work with someone else for this public domain rhymes thing.

I know what you are thinking now. 

So as a nursery rhyme producer, why are you taking YouTuber's side? Nope. It's not. 
It's ok to share revenue with the others for ORIGINAL NURSERY RHYMES or CHILDREN'S SONGS.


Because it's all about the producer's talent. Their property. 
They create an original melody, arrange and compose music for you when you ask for an original rhyme for your channel.

I say it's really a great thing that you can share your revenue with musicians when every time you buy an original kids' song from them. Sharing is caring. 

Maybe you will ask me, "What about our hard work now?"

Writing, Adding a catchy melody, and composing an original song is not easy. Do you think it is?? Aww :) Try it :) 

Anyway, I never shared revenue with my clients and never will. Because I know about all the stuff going on with rhymes now.

I only charge a one-time fee for a rhyme,(you can check how I charge here) and it will be forever.

I do both, public domain rhymes and my originals according to my clients request.

Just think about this twice.You gonna keep your channel forever, promote it forever, ad cost is your money and all the hard work is yours!

Happy tubing guys :) Tell me what you think below in the comments section.

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Anonymous said…
Something to think.
Laura Lately said…
I like your one time fee idea because then you don’t have to go chasing around inspecting. You can focus on new rhymes and music. I think you got it right! And, I do believe it is hard work. 💕
Ashli Ferguson said…
I am trying to get my youtube to grow! I am 19 away from 300 right now!!
Shaunika said…
Yeah, I believe, it is necessary to give credits to the original ones or share the revenue.
Our go to YouTube channel is Pinkfong. My daughter learned to sing and read from that channel.
Yonnah M said…
I’ve been learning more about how complex creating your own content on YouTube can be.
Kelli Marie said…
Awesome advice! thank you.
Juanita said…
Love this! Thanks for sharing!
bancell82 said…
I don't use youtube but wow!
Janay said…
I love that you are doing this! Nursery rhymes play such a huge role in childhood memories!
Sanjota Purohit said…
That is a great piece of advice for all youtubers.
honeybunnytwee said…
I never realized there was a nursery rhymes industry before, but I like when people get credit for their unique intellectual property
Danielle said…
Charging a one time fee for someone is a great idea and I like the idea of no added costs
Akriti said…
Wow I didn't know YouTube could be used for all this kind of stuff as well. This was great to know!
priyanka said…
Well writen blog. This is the best advice for all youtubers. Thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
I use to do YouTube alone but given up on it because it took more of my time for blogging and school. I agree, I wouldn't want to share my channel with someone else and I do know from popular YouTubers I watch that say they earn less from ad revenues unless you got over 1 mil or something.
I use YouTube for only entertainment purposes but as a blogger my opinion is that yes we take credit for all our original work. For work that we share for others we can give them credit only about that part but not other stuff like making melodies. And revenue is always all yours 👍🏻
Elena said…
I agree with the fact that creating an original song is not easy. The people that say it is easy are the same people that say that making modernist paintings is easy. I'd love to actually see them try to do one, but they probably can't. Therefore, I totally support what you say. Keep up the good work!
chadden2001 said…
I'll keep this in mind if I start a YouTube channel
Anonymous said…
I believe we have a right to enjoy our intellectual property and reap all the benefits that come with it. I don't spend enough time on that site so, this is not an area of expertise.
Elizabeth O
vaishali said…
I had no idea about this but I completely agree..your hard work, your reward!
Ok this was certainly an eye opener
FitPlexx said…
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