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Everyone's making nursery rhymes these days to monetize on YouTube.
But most of them have no idea about the copyright laws.

Some used to getting their accounts penalized and the videos muted or removed for not caring about this very much.

People got so many questions about this topic.
I thought I should share few, because it will help my clients to build their channels in the future.

1. Can I use copyrighted nursery rhyme music on You-Tube?

The answer is YES! You can LEGALLY use copyrighted nursery rhyme music on your YouTube videos, but you have to understand how YouTube's law works.

YouTube uses a robust system called "CONTENT ID" that helps copyright owners to identify and to manage how their materiel used on YouTube.Every video which has uploaded to YouTube is scanned against the content Id database to detect if it contains any copyrighted stuff belong to someone else.

2. Who decide about the copyrighted content that I've used in my video on YouTube?

Actually it's not YouTube. It's who owns the copyrighted materiel decides what to do with your videos.

3. What can copyright owners can do with my nursery rhyme video? 

If you use someone else's copyrighted content which the have registered in the content Id system, they can
  • MUTE your nursery rhyme video ( Video will be still available but audio will be gone)
  • BLOCK your nursery rhyme video ( Oh! this is the worst thing that can happen to you.This can penalize your channel)
  • MONETIZE on your video by running their ads. ( You cannot monetize it then)
  • TRACK your viewership statistics of your video.

Mostly, content Id is only available for the establish music publishers.But Adrev, Audiam and few more companies offer technical solutions for independent music producers to protect their work.

4. I got a copyright claim for my nursery rhymes channel, am I in danger?

As I said before, it will decide by the copyright content owner.In most cases, the owner will be happy to let you use their music on your video, because they can use your video to show their ads.

But in that worst case, if the copyright owner decide to block your video, repeated offenders will be banned from YouTube.Note that deleting offending videos does not help you to restore your account standing.

5. How can I legally use copyrighted nursery rhyme music on YouTube?

So when you get a copyright claim, YouTube suggests you do these things.

  • Knowledge it : If you don't mind other people's ads on your content, you have to do nothing.
  • Remove or swap ( YouTube allows to remove the song, replace the song, or trim to automatically release copyright claims.
  • Share revenue: If you're a partner, you can share revenue.
  • Dispute the claim if you think that you have the right to use the music. 

I've seen so many people not really trying to get what they own.If you're sure that you made the music or you bought your nursery rhyme from a trusted person, why don't you make a dispute????

Anyway, the best option is to secure the permission of the copyright owner to use their music on YouTube and to have the owner retract the claim. This may be free (as with Creative Commons or Public Domain music) or you may need to pay a licensing fee.

6. Where can I find a trusted person to make music for my kid's YouTube channel?

Fortunately, many music production companies and individual composers create music specifically for use in YouTube videos. You can get such music either directly from a composer (Try nursery rhymes girl.) You are able to get original songs and recreations without any copyright claims for sure. If you have any problem with an already purchased song or the song you plan to buy in the future, you can drop an email here to

7. Why do I need to deal with copyright claims if I have the permission to use the music?

I really want my clients to read this. Unfortunately, the Content ID system cannot tell in advance (yet!) whether you have permission to use a particular nursery rhyme music track. It merely informs you that your video contains copyrighted music. It is your responsibility to reach out to the copyright owner and request the retraction of the claim. Nowadays, most professional composers resort to AdRev or similar services to protect their copyright. Don’t let this discourage you. AdRev system allows the composers to easily clear the claims and even to whitelist entire YouTube channels to prevent any future claims.

8. Wouldn’t it be easier to use “copyright-free” music?

As long as a particular music track is not registered with the Content ID system, it won’t trigger any copyright claims. If you search the Web, you will certainly find YouTube channels and Web sites offering freely downloadable “copyright-free” music.
However, if you’re a partner or in charge of your company’s video marketing channel, you should always opt for obtaining the formal license that explicitly grants you the right to use the music the way you need.
Get your music from a reputable music provider. Which is cleared for commercial use. Check a few nursery rhyme samples which I did for my clients here.
Hope you got something you wanted ever to read..
Will meet soon with another post :) Have a good day! :) Thanks for your valuable time. Your visits are so much to me. 
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