The Animal Sounds Song for Children

The Animal Sounds Song for Children Lyrics

The dog says woof
woof woof woof
The cat says meow
meow meow meow
The duck says quack
quack quack quack
Woof. Meow. Quack
The cow says moo
moo moo moo
The sheep says baa
baa baa baa
The pig says oink
oink oink oink
moo. baa. oink
The bird says tweet
tweet tweet tweet
The mouse says squeak
squeak squeak squeak
The chicken says cluck
cluck cluck cluck
tweet. squeak. cluck
The snake says hiss
hiss hiss hiss
The horse says neigh
neigh neigh neigh
The frog says ribbit
ribbit ribbit ribbit
hiss. neigh. ribbit
the bear says growl
growl growl growl
the lion says roar
roar roar roar
the elephant says pawoo
pawoo pawoo pawoo
growl. roar. pawoo!

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