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' Pat a cake , Pat a cake bakers man..'
' Five little monkeys jumping on the bed..'
' Daddy finger,daddy finger where are you??'..

Have you heard them before? Yes :) They are NURSERY RHYMES. Time has changed.Everyone got screens next to them so most of the people forgot to help their toddlers to teach little songs which helps their lives very much.

These little songs have been here for centuries. Nowadays, people started changing words of these rhymes but they still use the same tunes which people used in the past.

1. They Are The Perfect 1st Stories.

 Rhymes catches little ones attention.Because most of them are short and they got catchy tunes which toddlers can easily grab.So when we started singing or telling them a rhyming poem, we can keep them sitting next to us.We all know that's not really an easy thing to do.They run everywhere. Aren't they? :) Haven't tried singing or telling stories to them before? :) I did and it worked :)

My favorites are nursery rhyme board books with one rhyme or just few per book, like the Rhyme Along Board Book Series by Dianne O'Quinn Bruke and the newer Padded Nursery Rhyme Board Books by Sonja Rescrek.Most of all I recommend the wonderful Mother Goose Treasury : A Beautiful Collection of Favorite Nursery Rhymes by Parrogon Books Publisher.

Mostly little ones might not ready for long stories.But little stories and rhymes are a good start for a conversion for long stories. Another book I like is Five minute stories which we can read over 50 tales and fables. 

2. Knowing Nursery Rhymes Can Build Social Skills.

Singing nursery rhymes also helps a child by developing social skills as it is a great opportunity for children to get to know their peers.The activities which comes along with nursery rhymes, such as holding hands, siting together, singing with the others also creating peace and happiness in little one's mind.

3. Nursery Rhymes Helps Kids To Boost Early Language Development and Build Their Vocabulary.

Nursery rhymes tend to stick with us even as we grow older.People can usually remember the common ones like, 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..', 'Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill..' Atleast a line or two from them.Rhymes helps kids to learn new words, spellings and sounds.

These days most of the people use Youtube to show kids, nursery rhyme videos. Some people make nursery rhymes and monetize them on Youtube. Yes. They earn some good money from those channels.Most of my clients own a kids channel because I'm a kids nursery rhyme vocalist/producer/lyricist and I make songs for them.

If you own a kids rhyming channel, you have to make unique kids videos because kids love colorful unique stuff to watch.

4. Nursery Rhymes Opens The Door To Child's Creativity.

Create nursery rhyme crafts, act out rhyme stories, drawing favorite rhyme stories, writing their own stories plus listening to nursery rhymes without pictures lets create mental images in kids minds.They can be more creative when they tell the stories to others with their own imaginations. 

5. Nursery Rhymes Can Reconnect Us With Our Past.

Connecting our children to their own childhood, nursery rhymes can provide a quick history lesson.

6. Nursery Rhymes Helps Children Musically.

Nursery rhymes gives children practice in pitch, volume as well as in language rhythm. It also helps kids to make new catchy melodies and helps them to grab tunes faster.Also they can clap along and establish a steady beat when they follow rhymes.

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