How To Get a Real Reader For Your Blog?

Hello Lovely Rhymees!!! 
Lol πŸ˜…
I'm gonna call my readers 'Rhymees' from today :) 

So how are you today?
I was reading some blogs which I found on the internet.
I started reading blogs yesterday.

Why I read you all??

I wanted a beginning.. I wanted to be a true reader and share things with you guys.. I wanted a community. 

Do you really think that people are coming back to our blogs if we comment on their blogs or sites?

Only very few people do that.. if they really care about others.. if they really wanna return the favor.. 

So I wanted a true community. 

Guys, I have to tell you something..
What are we really doing after submitting a post?

sending message to mother

Dropping a message to mom ? a friend? or ?? 
You know what I mean.. 

You think you can do this every day??
Nah nah nah!!

Have you ever heard about Neil Patel?
If not, just go and have a look..
People respect him.. actually for what??
Cuz of his marketing techniques ?? Yeah! BUT, the biggest thing I got from one of his videos is that he was saying it's cuz about his HONESTY.

I believe that word. Because no one can say that they are honest if they're really not. 

You should check him. You definitely will have so many things to learn from his website. If you'll follow, definitely you will thank me one day.

Also you can use Ubersuggest  to find the related keywords for your writing. 

Why keywords?
If you wanna rank your content and drive traffic to your blog or website, you should think about keywords too..

I'll tell you the very little things that I know..
Just try.. 
I know that we all need traffic like food.. 

I found some of our bloggers don't have a follower gadget or an email newsletter. 

You should add it guys. If you don't have a gadget like that, how can people follow your upcoming posts??

I know your questions now!

How to add the follower gadget to my blog or website?
Go Here

How to add a newsletter gadget to my blog or website?
Go Here

Where can I find a true visitor for my blog?
 I can be a true reader of your blog or website.

I actually can't promise you to bring traffic to your blog or website. But I can make you happy by being one of the most loyal readers ever.. 

One is not enough? I know :) Then you can hire an agency to do that for you if you have some money with you.

Where can I hire an ad agency to get more traffic to my blog or website?
Go here 

I know what you are thinking right now.. Hell! Are you promoting Neil Patel?? 

Hey guys you are wrong. Yes um, a big fan of Neil Patel.Following him to win my blogging.. not to beat him for sure πŸ˜… lol

If you're learning something from someone, you should definitely give something back to them.I always do that. I never think twice to say "thank you" to any person who ever helped me with anything in my life.

Not wanna write too much.
You can also drop your blog link or website link in my comments, Also your YouTube channel, I can visit you when I have time.

So guys hope you got something :) 
Stay happy :) Eat well :D 


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Tech Freak said…
Nice read..
Haroon Ejaz said…
Its really inspiring... Thats what I needed
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Haroon Ejaz said…
Your thoughts are so pure , every time I read your blog it gives me goosebumps!
Stay like that Always! Stay Blessed! Happy Blogging!
Patrick Lewis said…
Interesting write up.