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Just wanted to write a little post about some of the airlines which offer kids to fly free. Ever heard of that? Wow! that's really a wonderful chance. Don't you think?

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Normally there's a chance for your kids to fly FREE if they are still under age 2.
Actually, it's not free if they are almost 2 years. Most of the Airlines allows kids to fly free from time to time. They offer discounts or mostly kids under the age of 2 have a chance to fly free as lap children. 

1. British Airways

British Airways offers kids to fly free with their parents from time to time, actually, the age range is different. They also allow kids under 15 sometimes. 

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways also has a loyalty program for kids. Being part of the program enables your kids to get benefits that they offer. Waiving airfare up to two children ages 0 to 11.
3. Frontier Airlines

When you subscribe to their annual plan (Den membership), your kids 14 and under can fly free with them. 
Offer valid on : Selected domestic flights
Until: November
For : All the bookings made by 2019.05.31
(For every adult ticket, one child can fly free)

Know more about kids fly free on Frontier visiting here.

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4. Scandinavian Airlines

Kids must be under 11 to fly free with Scandinavian Airlines. Also, some adult has to be with the kid to travel free with them.

5. Southwest Airlines

They have great discounts for the kids' age under 2 to 11.

6. Virgin Atlantic 

You can have a 25% discount airfare for children age 2 to 11 when you fly with Virgin Atlantic.

7. Air Tahiti Nui

They also offer great promotions for kids time to time up to age 15.

8. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines also has fly free offers for the kids under the age of 16.

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If you have more information to add, please use the comment section to write about them. It will helpful for the others who love to know more about kids fly free offers.

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We experienced that in Cebu Pacific once whe. My daughter was 2. :)
Unknown said…
Good content, gives brief yet meaningful information.
Ohh wow this is totally cool! Flying for free for kids is definitely a huge relief for many travelling parents.
keeping your sharing here for my sis in law to plan her travels with my little niece, thanks!
cheers, siennylovesdrawing
Chesz Dylan said…
Wow. I never heard about it. I will keep this reference in the future when flying with my kid.
Ashley said…
Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know that children could fly for free. Such a useful tip!
Clyde said…
Oh I wish this offer is still available when I have kids in the future! :) But worth sharing to my friends who have kids for their travel.
Sanjota Purohit said…
Very good info! Helps parents who love to travel.