How to start a nursery rhymes channel on YouTube?

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Every time I'm just saying where to buy nursery rhymes but, there's no guide on how to start a nursery rhymes channel on Youtube.

Start a nursery rhyme channel

These are the simple steps that you have to follow :

1. Find a unique name and start a kid's channel on Youtube

2. Add a good description, profile picture, and cover picture related to kids.

3. Sing and record or buy a nursery rhyme song from a person who creates rhymes.

4. Find some places where you can make videos or make animation videos that match the song you already have.
Or first, you can prepare a scenario and tell it to the songwriter to write the song according to that.

After completing the video, you can upload it to YouTube.

As soon as you will get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, You will be allowed to monetize your nursery rhymes on YouTube and earn money daily.

If you're finding a nursery rhymes songwriter / nursery rhymes producer / composer or a vocalist for your nursery rhymes channel, please check my samples here :

You will never say no :)

If you have any problems regarding nursery rhymes, just drop me an email to

I always can help.

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