Voice Changes Over Moods

Voice changes over moods

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I'm going to post a few of the lessons which I learned from my college. Now my main is Music Therapy and I'm truly happy that I chose such a subject after my graduation.

A voice tone can do a lot to people's minds. I believe.. even I love my tone colour. But, we all have voice changes according to our moods. Today we are going to talk about voice changes over moods.

I experienced it when I was voicing for one of my projects, that the previous evening I was happy, and the next day I was confident enough to sing properly and also I found that my voice colour is much better.

In conclusion, moods do changes tone colors.

so many people

What do you think about a person’s voice changes when he/she is 

 a) full of joy 
 b) sad and depressed or 
 c) angry and fiery

A) Full of joy – Emotions are playing a role when a person speaks or when they do things. When someone is in a happy mood, usually they talk with a smile, hope, love, and all the positive feelings that a person can have. Normally we compose happy songs with Major chords. But sometimes, we also can compose a sad melody and make the song happy with happy and positive words and a tune.

Examples – Using chords like C, D, E

B) Sad and depressed – We can hear an increased tension in vocal cords. Also, when we compose sad songs, we normally use Minor chords to create a dull feeling. Tempo also will be very low according to the feeling. 

Examples – Am, Em 

C) Angry and fiery – Little bit the voice will be higher when a person is angry or fiery. We can use a high tempo for these types of songs. Examples – C# Minor, F# Minor

Vocal changes over moods

People tend to change the pitch of their voice depending on who they are talking to, and how dominant they feel, a study by the University of Stirling has found.

The psychology research, published in PLOS ONE, put participants through a simulated job interview task and discovered that individuals' vocal characteristics -- particularly pitch -- are altered in response to people of different social statuses. (Source - https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170629101721.html)

We should control ourselves in every situation whenever we have differences in our moods. Then only we are able to balance our lives and take the maximum out of it.

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