Choosing Music Depending on the Conditions.

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Feeling well? Yeah! Great job! 

Let's talk about choosing music according to the situation. There are so many music styles. Maybe you like them all or maybe not. I used to listen to music most of the time, except when I study. I believe MUSIC is MEDICINE! 

Personally, my playlist depends on my mood.

I use to listen to calm music pieces, chants, mantras, and lord buddha-related chants when every time I feels like I need to calm down or relax. 

I love all the genres of music. Each type teaches us different types of things musically. 

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I just wanna give some examples for the people who really wanna treat others and themselves musically. 

1. A retired person who likes Bollywood songs of the '60s or ’70s.

Mostly this type of person loves old songs, mostly very calm and meaningful. EXAMPLE

2. An aged bedridden patient who wants a soothing song.

I hope this song will help the patient well. Because it is really soothing and can listen to it hundreds of times over and over without getting bored. EXAMPLE

3. A preschool child who wants to be consoled by her mother.

Most of the time kids want to play outside. When it’s raining also, they try to go out and play. We can sing ‘Rain, rain go away’ type of rhyme to keep them inside the house and it’s also useful to learn something new. EXAMPLE 

choosing music properly
An appropriate Indian dance classical music for increasing joy and fun in the gathering.

Example 1 – Dheem Ta Dare 

Example 2 - Dheem Ta Dare

5. Background music to be played for a sleeping patient in the hospital.

I hope this music video will help the patient. It's so calming..  EXAMPLE 

6. Music needed by an Ayurvedic Massage Parlor. 

Ayurvedic massage parlors also use soothing music without any disturbance. EXAMPLE 

7. Treadmill Music.

It has to be a little bit motivating and energetic. So, I thought this would be helpful. EXAMPLE

8. A song to be played at a little children’s birthday party. 

I love to play something different from the normal birthday song. EXAMPLE 

choosing music

Moods do change our choices. So, try to listen to some great music pieces when you wanna change your mood, or when you choose occasionally, give a chance to some good musical stuff.. 
Have a great day! I'll write to you guys later!

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