Cocomelon Children's Song Lyrics

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(Verse 1)

In the land of laughter and fun, There's a place we all love to run. With colors bright and songs so sweet, It's a world where dreams all meet.

(Chorus) Oh, Cocomelon, Cocomelon, A place where smiles are never gone. We sing and dance, we learn and play, Come join us in the joyful way.

(Verse 2) Johnny and his family, they're so kind, Together, they have adventures of every kind. They love to sing and clap their hands, With Baby JJ, their love expands.

(Chorus) Oh, Cocomelon, Cocomelon, A place where smiles are never gone. We sing and dance, we learn and play, Come join us in the joyful way.

(Bridge) We learn our ABCs, one, two, three, Counting numbers, shapes, and colors, you see. With JJ and his friends, we explore, Learning and laughing, forevermore.

(Chorus) Oh, Cocomelon, Cocomelon, A place where smiles are never gone. We sing and dance, we learn and play, Come join us in the joyful way.

(Verse 3) The wheels on the bus go round and round, Nursery rhymes with joyful sound. We play with animals, big and small, Learning and having a ball.

(Chorus) Oh, Cocomelon, Cocomelon, A place where smiles are never gone. We sing and dance, we learn and play, Come join us in the joyful way.

(Outro) So come along, let's sing and sway, In Cocomelon, we'll brighten your day. With love and laughter, we'll have a blast, Cocomelon fun will always last!

Note: Cocomelon is a popular children's entertainment brand known for its animated videos and nursery rhymes on platforms like YouTube. The song above is a fictional creation inspired by the Cocomelon brand.

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