Five little birds sitting in a tree | Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Five little birds sitting in a tree song lyrics

(Verse 1)

Five little birds sitting in a tree,

Tweeting and chirping happily.

One flew away with a flutter of wings,

Leaving four little birds to sing.


Five little birds, oh so small,

Flying and singing, having a ball.

Up in the sky, they soar and play,

Bringing joy to us every day.

(Verse 2)

Four little birds hopping on a limb,

Singing a song with a cheerful hymn.

One flew away to explore the blue,

Leaving three little birds, just a few.


Four little birds, fluffy and bright,

Spreading their wings, taking flight.

With melodies sweet, they fill the air,

Bringing smiles to all who hear.

(Verse 3)

Three little birds, a playful bunch,

Perched on a branch, ready to lunch.

One flew away, oh, where did it go?

Leaving two little birds in the row.


Three little birds, chirping with glee,

Hopping and flapping, so carefree.

Their colorful feathers catch the eye,

As they sing beneath the sunny sky.

(Verse 4)

Two little birds, a delightful pair,

Singing their songs with love and flair.

One flew away, off on an adventure,

Leaving one little bird to nurture.


Two little birds, full of grace,

Flying together, embracing space.

Their gentle tunes enchant the day,

As they glide and twirl on their way.

(Verse 5)

One little bird, the last in sight,

Serenades the world with all its might.

It spreads its wings, ready to explore,

Joining its friends, once more.


One little bird, flying free,

Bringing joy to you and me.

With its melody so sweet and true,

Five little birds, we bid adieu.


So, let's sing along with these little birds,

Their melodies, like magical words.

They remind us to be happy and light,

As they soar and sing, taking flight.

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