Bird Song | Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

The bird nursery rhyme song lyrics

(Verse 1) Fly, little bird, up in the sky, In a world of wonders, way up high. Oriole, pigeon, and mockingbird too, Each bird has something special they can do. (Chorus) Birds of all colors, shapes, and size, Fill our world with their melodies and cries. Hummingbird flits with wings so fast, Sparrow sings its song that will forever last. (Verse 2) Kingfisher dives with a graceful flight, Woodpecker drums, pecking left and right. Love birds chirp, a bond so strong, Seagulls soar where the ocean's waves belong. (Bridge) Metal bird, soaring high in the sky, Black kite gliding, catching the wind's sigh. Bird collective, a flock in the air, Together they travel with a sense of care. (Chorus) Birds of all colors, in harmony they live, Following bird law, they know how to give. Yellow hammer sings its cheerful tune, Green bird dances in the light of the moon. (Verse 3) Blue and yellow macaw, a vibrant display, Free African grey parrot, talking away. Black duck glides on a peaceful lake, Black vulture soars, the skies it'll shake. (Chorus) New Zealand parrot, unique and rare, Swan bird glides with grace beyond compare. Hawk feather, a symbol of strength and might, Yellow bird, a burst of sunshine so bright. (Outro) From the treetops to the open sea, Birds bring beauty and wonder for all to see. Let's protect their homes, cherish them with care, For birds in our world make it so fair.

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