Elephant Song | Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

The elephant nursery rhyme song lyrics

(Verse 1) In a land so wide, where adventure's in the air, Let's meet the elephants, with grace beyond compare. With coats so white, shining in the sun, White elephants stand tall, every race they've won. (Chorus) Indian, Asian, African too, Elephants of different kinds, all so cute and true. With whispers of love, they communicate, Through their gentle footsteps, they navigate. (Verse 2) Happy the elephant, spreading joy and cheer, Rescued and loved, now nothing to fear. In the zoo, he finds a home so grand, A majestic ambassador, across the land. (Chorus) On World Elephant Day, we celebrate with pride, Their strength and beauty, filling us inside. From the largest elephant, a gentle giant so grand, To the jungle elephant, roaming through the land. (Bridge) In a Thai safari, they gracefully roam, Water elephants splashing, turning every frown. Elephant families, bonded through the years, Their love and loyalty, always crystal clear. (Chorus) Elephant footprint marks the path they tread, Guiding us through nature's secrets, unsaid. From their majestic presence, we can't deny, Elephants bring wonder, as they pass by. (Verse 3) On an elephant safari, let's take a ride, Witnessing their beauty, side by side. The Indian, Asian, and African unite, A symphony of grace, under the sunlight. (Chorus) Elephant whispers in the tranquil air, Telling stories of compassion, beyond compare. With elephants' feet, they leave their trace, A legacy of love, in every place. (Outro) So let's cherish these creatures, strong and kind, Protecting them always, in heart and mind. For in their presence, we learn and grow, Elephants, our friends, a treasure to know.

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