Sell something while you manage a nursery rhymes channel.

Hello Rhymees :)
How are you doing today? I just wanted to write you a quick post today. I guess you can sell something while you manage your nursery rhymes channel on youtube, also a wonderful way to sell their own products for bloggers.

This is about a site called " Teespring." that you can easily design your own products and share it with your audience. You only have to design and set your own prices, they will collect the orders and post them to your customer.Easy right?

As few examples, you can sell kids t-shirts, pillows for kids... mm.. that kind of stuff.. I know you don't have much time to do all these things, but it will be a good side income for you :) Why just only wanna promote rhymes?

I just created few products. But they are not for kids.I hope to create more in future. Just check them here. A product page will looks like this.

You can visit my store here, it's still new, but you will find something good to buy in future for sure :) 

Have a good day Rhymees,if you use any platforms like this to make your own products, let me know in comments  :)

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