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I was just thinking about to write about everyone's favorite channel 'Cocomelon' (#Checkgate) today :) 
Why I just said it's everyone's favorite? Let me tell you that later.

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I'm a nursery rhymes producer, vocalist, and a lyricist and I have four years of experience in this field. So I think this post might help others to develop their channels.

What is Cocomelon?

It's a popular YouTube channel and that's a place where kids can be happy and smart :) 

What is Cocomelon channel formerly named as?

Cocomelon channel was formerly named as "ABC KID TV" 

How many subscribers does Cocomelon channel have on Youtube?

48,491,779  plus subscribers to date 2019.05.23

Which type of videos Cocomelon channel publish on YouTube?

They publish educational videos for kids under the age 6, that can help them learn all about shapes, numbers, letters, colors, animals, good qualities and many more...

Why Everyone Loves Cocomelon?

I work with clients who want me to recreate public domain nursery rhymes and original children's songs for their nursery rhymes channels on YouTube.

Most of the time, most of the clients say "Can you please make it as Cocomelon's?" :) Why people say that? I guess these are the reasons.Let me explain..

What is the biggest secret of Cocomelon channel on YouTube?

QUALITY CONTENT is the secret of the Cocomelon channel! 


Cocomelon Channel Animations Review: Why I love Cocomelon Animations.

  • Cocomelon nursery rhymes have great animations. All the thanking should go to the hardworking animators of Cocomelon channel.
         Cocomelon channel has kid-friendly characters and colorful animated videos. If someone would ask, where to check animations, I definitely recommend Cocomelon's animations. The illustrators, animators and the Cocomelon team has blended the colors nicely in their videos.

Find Cocomelon Channel On YouTube!

      Cocomelon Channel Music Review: Why I Love Cocomelon Music and Productions.
  • Cocomelon MUSIC is AMAZING! Whoever makes music for the channel 'Cocomelon' has a great understanding and a knowledge about expressing music in a wonderful way! 
          Cocomelon music is very simple. Catchy and very easy to remember. As a little musician, I love how the Cocomelon producer or producers mix and master their simple songs in a great way. :) 

          Cocomelon also has a great team to do the vocal part. They sing very very well :) I love all of the voices in Cocomelon channel. They are perfectly tuned. More than all of it they have soothing voices. <3 Anyone can listen to them for hours... I also have a few more things to learn from them... I love to have a soothing voice like them but after I started to sing energetic nursery rhymes, I forgot least how to sing the Titanic song :) LOL :) I'm singing everything as an energetic kid :) 

Cocomelon nursery rhymes is a responsible channel. They make life easier for parents as they say in their website https://www.cocomelon.com, who want to keep their kids happily entertained, giving parents the peace of mind that their children are receiving high quality, educational content. 

They also have mentioned activities in their songs, so parents can enjoy while teaching and playing with children, dancing and singing along together.

Cocomelon has begun in 2006, they have almost reached 28 billion total views plus for now. You can easily contact Cocomelon channel by this contact form here.

Visit CoCoMelon's Amazing Videos Here :


Hope you have a wonderful channel to show your kids and recommend to others now :)  

If you are still looking for someone to compose kids music, nursery rhymes, and original children's songs, I hope this article here will help you to find everything that you want. 

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