A BATTLE between popular nursery rhymes and the original children's songs

Hi Rhymees :)

Hope you are doing great. This is a quick post to show some work from what I was doing the last few days. Just wanted to add a title like this, so you can choose what you like. (I'm a nursery rhymes producer for kids channels on YouTube, hope you will like these samples.)

original childrens songs

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1. Popular nursery rhymes recreation samples (I)

2. Popular nursery rhymes recreation samples (II)

3. Original children's song samples (i)

4. Original children's song samples (ii)

I just wanna know what you think about these samples. Any ideas to improve? :)
Write to me in the comment section. :)

Talk soon :) <3 Thank you for your visits <3 It's so much to me <3

Wanna contact me? Here you go :) nurseryrhymesgirl@gmail.com 

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Anonymous said…
Also music can heal soul and body! This is amazing.
Amazing. Now I know what to buy if I get to have a new baby.
Ivan Jose said…
Lovely! Since having a baby, I've been reacquianted with nursery rhymes and I'm completely enjoying them.
Sanjota Purohit said…
I listened to them and I must say you have done an excellent job. I will spread the word. Keep up the good work.
I will share this to my cousin who just gave birth. I'm sure she'd be delighted.
Ivan Jose said…
I am also glad to be here in your website which is such a happy place.
nimue said…
I think it is important to update these periodically. The language changes so much over the years!
vaishali said…
New ones are definitely more catchy but classics are great too!
Unknown said…
This brings back memories! Music is good for the soul and blend of classic favorites and modern melodies is the perfect mix
Shanab said…
These are super cute. Keep up the good work!
Clyde said…
I like what you are doing, producing music for children. That's really fun to start with. Children and mommies will love this music anyway. They are good, I must say.
Eliz Frank said…
You are already doing a great job of it. Keep up the good job!
Anonymous said…
I love this! Giving these songs a new twist is a great idea! Kids will love it. -Ashley
Holli said…
Great children's songs. Played for my son and he was dancing❤
Ukiyoto said…
this was nice and good read specially the lyrics