Hi Rhymees :)

Hope you are doing great. This is a quick post to show some work from what I was doing the last few days. Just wanted to add a title like this, so you can choose what you like. (I'm a nursery rhymes producer for kids channels on YouTube, hope you will like these samples.)

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1. Popular nursery rhymes recreation samples (I)

2. Popular nursery rhymes recreation samples (II)

3. Original children's song samples (i)

4. Original children's song samples (ii)

I just wanna know what you think about these samples. Any ideas to improve? :)
Write to me in the comment section. :)

Talk soon :) <3 Thank you for your visits <3 It's so much to me <3

Wanna contact me? Here you go :) nurseryrhymesgirl@gmail.com 

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